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The best T-shirt printers in East London

Embroidered Polo Shirts from the best T-shirt Printers in London

If you’re looking for high quality embroidered polo shirts, you won’t find more competitive pricing! We specialise in producing branded clothing for events, parties or companies including T-shirt printing in London for trade, stag and hen, event promotions, as well as wholesale garments  including: t-shirts, custom printed tee-shirts, sweatshirts, jersey printing, caps, embroidered polo shirts, hoodies, jackets, track suits, football shirts, uniform printing, workwear, overalls, printed t-shirts, stag and hen t shirts, personalised gifts, clothing printing, and more…

We also print many types of promotional and gift items.

We believe no other tshirt printers in London offers the same quality service as ourselves. Send us your design for a quick quote.

Sizes available for all sizes, from children’s sizes to adult.


We have an in-house art department to help you with production of your artwork. This is a chargeable service intended to get the best results from your artwork. More guidance to help you with your artwork is included here.

*PLEASE NOTE: we cannot accept liability for any print quality loss if you send us artwork which does not meet our minimum artwork specifications or if the artwork is incorrect.


We will always do our best to get your tee shirts to you within your timescales. We Deliver to North East West and South London – now that’s good NEWS for Londoners!

Special 24 hour/same day/next day service available, subject to terms and conditions.